Frequently Asked Questions

1. Both the username and password are case sensitive.
2. Review your Profile info.
3. Ensure your address is accurate for shipping purposes.
4. Provide a valid contact number for repair suggestions and order updates.

After logging in, click on "Orders" in the upper left-hand menu corner. Click on the "+ New Order" button to initiate a new order.

First start a new order. Then, enter the code in the designated field before saving the new order form.

Navigate to "Billing" and select the order ready for payment. This will take you to the order view. Then, click on "Pay Invoice" to proceed to a secure Stripe payment processor.

Once you have finished adding items and services to your new order, click on "View Invoice/Shipping Form" to generate a printer-friendly PDF packing slip. The shipping address is shown there. Each item will be listed with a detailed description of the item and its services request.

Once you have reached the Orders page. Click on the order number in the orders table to view the order. Then click on "Add item." Once you have added an item to an order, you can add multiple services or repairs to an individual item. Please note, once the order is received by JAGi, you will no longer be able to change the item or its services and repairs. To make changes after your order has been received, just contact us.

After adding an item, click on the dropdown menu to select a service. Choose the desired service, then click "Add Service." You may add multiple services or repairs to any item.

Yes, under the "Add Repair" section, you can specify add repairs. Just write in your repair request and a price will be determined later. Work will not begin without first being notified of the estimated repair cost.

For any issues or assistance, login and reach out via the support tab to start a support ticket. We will be notified via email. You can add messages to your support ticket. When your support ticket has a response, you will be notified by email. We'll do our very best to respond promptly during normal business hours, 9-5PM, M-F. Or you can contact us.